How to write math equations (integrate Latex) in Blogspot/Blogger

The reason why I chose WordPress over Blogspot/Blogger before was because of Latex. Latex as we have discussed is a way to create equations in blogs and websites. Now, we can also write math equations in Blogger (see example) without having to insert pictures.
1.) Login to your Blogger/Blogspot account, and  go to your Dashboard.
2.) Select Page Elements from the Design Tab.
3.) Click Add a Gadget from your gadget bar. The gadget bar may be placed in a different position in your blog (depends on the template format).
4.) Select the HTML/Javascript gadget (press the + button).
5.) Copy the script and paste it to your Configure HTML/Javascript Content (see figure below) ,  click the Save button and you are done.
6.) Then Click the Save button in your Page Element window (first figure).

<script src=””
<script type=”text/javascript”>
replaceMath( document.body );</script>
<a href=””>
<img src=”” alt=”" width=”100″ /></a>
<a href=”″> Math Formula?</a>

Math Formula?

1.) The red text places a the logo below in your blog.  This is to link to WatchMath. If you don’t want it, just delete the red text quoted above.

2.) To write a Latex formula, enclosed them with a dollar sign. For example typing $2x + 3 = \frac{1}{2}$ will result to 2x + 3 = \frac{1}{2}.

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